Chocolate & Confectionary Packaging Design

Treat your brand with stunning and vibrant packaging.

Chocolates and confectionary are amongst those irresistible luxuries that are sometimes just too good to resist . On many occasions they also happen to make the perfect gift. Your eyes will scan and your fingertips will touch a multitude of products on display, each alluring in its own way. First impressions are everything and seduction is the key.

Burgopak offers packaging design solutions that ensure beautiful and high-quality presentation to appeal to the senses just as much as the product inside.

We provide primary and secondary packaging for on-shelf, promotional or gift solutions. Specialists in adding value through creative design and production expertise, we further ensure our designs provide adequate protection for the delicate nature of chocolates and confectionary, whilst complimenting all brand aesthetics.

Our manufacturers are food accredited and can offer food grade board and inks, as well as environmentally responsible printing materials including soy-based inks. To learn more, please get in touch with us today.