Cosmetics & Luxury Packaging Design

Demand more from your packaging.

Cosmetic and luxury brands exist in a marketplace that is driven ultimately by the senses and emotion. To market a product with its core values so firmly invested in consumer perception and reaction, it is essential that the first interaction drives and reaffirms these core values.

Whether it be on the store shelf or post-purchase, a product’s packaging design is the brand’s front line operative – it has the ability to invigorate, entice and seduce.

For requirements of all shapes, sizes and forms, Burgopak offers specialist skills and experience working with cosmetics and luxury brands, creating packaging solutions that encapsulate aspirations of quality, relevance, appeal and value.

We provide structural and graphic design, brand identity, advice on material choice and production to assist in driving successful packaging projects. For further information and to receive a quotation on your next project, please get in touch with us today.