Consumer electronics packaging design

Ensure product security, brand value and user-friendliness.

Our extensive experience and understanding of the consumer electronics market helps us to create packaging designs that consider brand, consumer and retailer. Packaging that differentiates a product from the competition, ensures its protection and level of security while remaining user friendly and brand conscious.

Working with a broad range of materials and design processes suitable for the adequate protection of electronic devices, Burgopak provides packaging for products of all shapes and sizes.

Experts in structural design, art direction and brand development, we create unique and bespoke designs – see our work for Bowers & Wilkins and Sony – as well as tailoring our patented sliding mechanism for feature rich solutions and dynamic shelf presence – including work for Motorola and Mi Suny.

We also provide in-house sample prototyping, testing and pre-production approvals, developing solutions through an iterative design process. Our packaging designs are then, if necessary, tested further including drop and bust strength testing by our licensed manufacturers.

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