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  • Packaging may be a customer’s first physical touch point with your brand making it an exciting opportunity for engagement and interaction.
  • It doesn’t have to feel like a medical product. Use the packaging to build your own brand experience. The unboxing/testing process, materials and messaging spaces can be used to raise the value of the product.
  • Use packaging to guide the customer through the testing process with a step-by-step journey, adding clarity and simplicity.
  • Reduce postage costs by designing the packaging and mailer dimensions to fit within couriers lower pricing brackets.


  • Home testing kits.
  • Health screening kits.
  • DNA testing kits.
  • Paternity testing kits.
  • STI testing kits.
  • Genealogy testing kits.
  • Saliva tests.
  • Blood tests; dry or finger-prick.
  • Drug test.
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